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About the company

JV «Holding Kazakcement» LLP is a subsoil user under a contract for the exploration and production of limestone and clay at the Ortabulakskoye deposit in the Zharma district of the East Kazakhstan region. The company owns a deposit of limestone and clay, unique in chemical composition, in the purity of deposits, the absence of undesirable impurities, as well as large reserves.

Advantages of the company:

  • Full production cycle from the mining of raw materials to finished packaged products;
  • Mobility and productivity of the equipment allows us to adjust the product parameters required by the customer;
  • Experience in subsoil use, mining and processing allows us to produce a high quality product that meets international standards;
  • The equipment was specially selected for the parameters of the raw material, and the last processing cycle — the activation unit, was designed specifically for the final decisive parameters of the product (hydrophobicity and long shelf life).
  • The proximity of production to consumers is a great advantage. Transportation of competitive products over a distance of more than 500 km is not cost-effective. Within a radius of 500 km, the production of mineral powder, limestone flour and other products is the only one.

JV «Holding Kazakcement» LLP is limestone, crushed stone, limestone flour, mineral powder from the manufacturer, first-hand goods.

JV «Holding Kazakcement» LLP is the quality of raw materials, laboratory production technology, a reliable partner and a team of professionals (geologists, technologists, plant workers).

JV «Holding Kazakcement» LLP, having free production space, personnel and other resources, is open to partnership. We are waiting for proposals on projects: production of hydrated lime, building mixtures, tiles, building facing stone, cement, bricks and blocks.

JV «Holding Kazakcement» LLP is always open to proposals for improving service, expanding the product range and technological innovations.

Republic of Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan region
Maksima Gorkogo st., 50
office 307, 308

+7 777 213 2663
+7 771 228 8855

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Contact Sales

Leave your contacts, our specialist will contact you within 24 hours