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Limestone flour

Limestone flour is a common product that has a wide application:

Fertilizer in the soil.

Limestone flour helps to normalize the acidity of the soil, as well as create ideal conditions for the rapid and productive growth of any type of crop. This fertilizer is absolutely safe for the soil and plants.

A mineral remedy that helps make the earth suitable for rapid germination of crops by normalizing its acidity.

Limestone flour contains the most important elements for normal plant growth: calcium and magnesium. Calcium regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, normalizes the water balance, binds acids, promotes the development of the root system and increases the availability of a number of macro- and microelements. Magnesium, in turn, stabilizes the composition of the soil, activates some enzymes, supports the roots of the plant and allows you to accumulate energy reserves.

It is noteworthy that the magnesium and calcium in limestone flour are presented in a form that does not allow them to accumulate in the fruit. Flour is not saturated with additives and is used in its pure form. This makes the fertilizer as safe as possible. Since limestone is of natural origin, it is used without processing and preparation. Flour is mixed with water or additional preparations or scattered in dry form.

Feed additive.

Limestone flour is a feed mineral supplement and is used for additional feeding of farm animals and birds. As a raw material for animal feed, limestone flour is almost unparalleled.

Limestone flour is a product obtained by grinding carbonate rocks (limestone) into dust. Limestone flour is rich in calcium, has good alkaline properties in aqueous solutions. Limestone flour is completely safe, as it does not include harmful substances and heavy metals.

Environmentally friendly product.

Limestone flour is a source of calcium carbonate, which is necessary for animals for the proper formation of bone tissue, and in birds it increases the strength of eggshells. Calcium forms bone tissue, maintains muscle tone, prevents the premature development of osteoporosis and osteomalacia, contributes to the proper formation of the musculoskeletal system, which is especially important for young animals and birds.

Calcium has a beneficial effect on the exchange of iron in the body of animals and poultry, removes toxins. When using the additive in productive animals, the average daily gain of muscle mass increases, the quality and yield of meat products, milk output improves, egg production increases in birds, as well as the safety of eggs and the dietary properties of the finished product.

The norms of consumption of limestone flour are strictly focused on the need of the body of animals and poultry in calcium, depending on the physiological state of the body, the presence of pathological processes, as well as age.

With prolonged unbalanced micro- and macronutrient feeding in animals and birds, irreversible pathological processes develop, especially they are expressed with a lack of calcium, vitamin D and iron. At the same time, the following pathologies can develop: demineralization, dystrophy, softening and deformation of the bone, the development of rickets, a decrease in muscle tone, the young delay the change of teeth, hypochromic anemia, atony of the gastrointestinal tract develops.

Calcium deficiency especially affects the overall development and growth of young farm animals and poultry. In laying hens, egg production decreases, eggshells become thinner.

Pharmaceutical supplement.

Calcium carbonate is the main constituent of limestone. It is used in almost all areas of industry, as well as in medicine.

The additive E170 plays an important role in the human body, participating in the processes of blood coagulation, ensuring constant osmotic blood pressure, regulating various intracellular processes.

Calcium carbonate is used in medicine as drugs that compensate for the lack of calcium, as well as in the form of biologically active additives (BAA). It is used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals such as calcium lactate.

E170 is allowed for staining pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The recommended daily prophylactic dose of calcium carbonate is 1.2 to 1.5 g per day.


Calcium carbonates (food additive E170) are well known as ordinary white chalk. Dye E170 is a chemical compound — a salt of carbonic acid, insoluble input and ethanol. Food additive E170 is usually supplied to production in the form of a fine white powder. The chemical formula of calcium carbonate (dye E170): CaCO3.

Food additive E170 is considered harmless and is allowed for use in the food industry in the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and most other countries.

Additive to household chemicals.

Calcium carbonate is the most important component in the production of household chemicals — plumbing cleaners, shoe polishes, and is also widely used in the production of personal hygiene products (for example, toothpaste).

Other uses

Calcium carbonate is also widely used in purification systems as a means of combating environmental pollution.

In addition, calcium carbonate is widely used in various industries:

  • in the paper industry, for bleaching paper, cardboard, as a filler and deoxidizer;
  • in the glass industry, as one of the main elements necessary for the production of glass (dishes, bottles, fiberglass);
  • in the production of plastic products (pipes, plumbing, tiles, linoleum, carpets, etc.);
  • in the paint and varnish industry, as one of the components of the coloring pigment;
  • in construction, for the production of putty, sealant.

In addition, calcium carbonates can often be seen in the composition of canned food for children, concentrated milk and cream, some types of hard cheeses, cocoa powder, as well as chocolate, where it plays the role of a stabilizer. The properties of the dye E170 Carbonates are widely used in the production of grape juice.

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